Team Building

HamTEK can help your development team by ensuring team members have the skills to develop your products.

  • Training
  • Recruitment
  • Mentoring
  • Monitoring
  • Guidance

We have built entire in-house development teams from scratch and helped guide teams on a part time basis.

Project management

HamTEK believe that project management is not just about the organisation and work allocation. It is important to have a project manager that understands the work involved to help the team predict accurate timescales and overcome problems. Using experience from previous projects, we can help bring your products to market faster, avoiding unnecessary surprises along the way.

Organisation and operating procedures

HamTEK have produced standard operating procedures to EN ISO 9001 to help ensure the quality of product development. Most importantly, HamTEK believe that operating procedures  must enhance the teams performance rather than tick a compliance box.

We leverage IT systems to minimise administration overhead while enhancing team communication and documentation.

Product design

We have experience in the design of products in many application areas including;

  • Test and measurement - precision instrumentation
  • Intrinsically safe products for use in explosive atmospheres (ATEX) to EN 60079
  • EMC test equipment
  • Marine products including propulsion controls and instrumentation
  • Alarm and monitoring systems
  • Motor drive and control systems
  • Gas detectors (portable and fixed systems)
  • Exhaust gas analysis
  • Radio communications (including Bluetooth, Wi-Wi and custom ISM band)
  • Lasers (high voltage and power electronics)

We can take a development from concept through to production, ensuring the product meets market requirements, and is designed for manufacture.

Product specifications

We can help define market requirements and produce specifications to ensure the different design disciplines come together and create a great product. We can define market requirements by looking at competitor products or speaking with potential customers, but most importantly, we make sure we understand what the product must do, how it will be used, and how to ensure a great user experience.

Electronic Design

  • Small signal analogue design and signal processing
  • Digital (PCI, USB, Ethernet, PCMCIA, Isolated data transmission)
  • Embedded computer design
  • ADC, DAC data conversion
  • SMPS and Linear PSU design
  • Programmable logic (PEEL, GAL, CPLD, Lattice, Altera, Xilinx)
  • High voltage (> 10KV) signal generation and switching
  • Class D amplifiers
  • Transformers (Small signal to High Voltage)
  • PCB layout (KiCAD, OrCAD, EasyPC & Pulsonix)
  • RF design and use of RF modules
  • PLC Systems and programming
  • Intrinsically Safe Design (ATEX) to EN 60079
  • Safety (SIL rating) to EN61508

Software Design

  • Software architecture and design using UML
  • C and C++ (Embedded Compilers, GCC, Microsoft)
  • Basic (Quick Basic, VB, VBA)
  • Xojo (Cross platform app development)
  • Assembler (Texas Instruments DSP's, Hitachi H8, Z80, 68000, 8051)
  • Microsoft .NET (C# and VB), WPF, MFC, Access, SQL
  • Object Oriented Design
  • Wolfram Mathematica
  • DSP Systems
  • Control Systems (Electronic and Mechanical control)
  • Linux, Windows, DSP/BIOS
  • Targets include PIC Micro, Renesas R8C/R16C series, Intel 8086, TI TMS320 series (C51 & C6000), Atmel 89C51, H8, Z80 & Motorola 68000.

Mechanical Design

  • 3D Design and drafting (Autodesk Inventor, FreeCAD & SolidWorks)
  • Checking of Drawings
  • Designs involving Castings, Sheet Metal, and injection molded plastics
  • Motors and Push-Pull controls
  • Marine vessel propulsion controls and instrument panels

User interface design

We believe that user interfaces should be both attractive and intuitive. To achieve this we use aesthetic layout, attractive colours, clear icons, and make sure menus flow intuitively. We also aim to include all currently available functions in the active screen and control panel to help guide the user in what they can do.

Product Compliance

We can help determine the compliance requirements for your intended markets and ensure the design complies with the relevant standards. Some examples include;

  • The Low Voltage Directive (LVD) and Safety to EN61010-1
  • The EMC directive
  • The ATEX Directive (explosive atmospheres) and compliance to EN 60079
  • Safety compliance and SIL rating to EN61508
  • Lloyds certification for EMC and vibration - diagnosis and modifications made at the test house

Many standards allow self-certification, and in these cases, we can prepare a report that can be used to demonstrate compliance. Other directives and standards require certification through a notified body. In these cases we can lease with the notified body and ensure the design is compliant.

We have equipment to make EMC pre-compliance measurements within the HamTEK laboratory. These measurements normally find any issues before formal testing in a test laboratory. When formal testing is carried out, we can be available to attend or present at the test house to diagnose and rectify any issues.

Production Engineering

We can work with you or your manufacturer to produce functional test and diagnostic equipment for use in manufacturing and service environments. We can produce the required documentation including;

  • Assembly procedures
  • Test Procedures
  • Service Manuals
  • Quality Plans
  • Schematic Diagrams
  • Bills of Materials
  • Mechanical Drawings

Sustaining Engineering

We offer sustaining engineering services where we can modify old, possibly badly documented designs, and find alternatives for obsolete components. Do you have an old product that is worth resurrecting?

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